Thursday, January 13, 2011

Over/Under the Weather

I don't know about my fellow Tennesseans, but I am so over the snow. It was pretty like the first day. Not so much anymore. And I know that Abby has cabin fever!
I am so freaking sick. I can't breathe through my nose, my eyes are constantly watering and I can't stop sneezing. It is so much fun!
This was a picture taken tonight when I got home (Yes, she still has her pj's on. No need to change out of pj's if you don't go anywhere). Abby was using Mommy's deodorant, but stopped to "cheese".
After bath, it is always a struggle to get her back in (clean) pj's.

But she did put her shoes on and ran around for about 20 minutes in just a diaper and shoes.


Abby brought me a "boo-boo" tonight. I have no idea how she scraped her finger.

But luckily she got a pretty Princess Jasmine band-aid.


I took this pictures off Tiffany's facebook.

Pictures from Abby's birthday. Landon looks like he is just up to no good (could be the three cupcakes he ate...the boy is not a stranger)!

Abby NOT eating her cupcake.

The only thing she ate were the sprinkles.

Pillow Pet that Landon got Abby. She loves it and sleeps with it at night.


Sarah said...

Us too! I'm in Atlanta. The snow was fun for the first couple days, but I'd be fine with no more for the rest of the year! Ha!

gammy said...

had a great time at her birthday. everyone was so good.Abby sure got a lot of nice gifts. love her pjs and smile