Sunday, January 30, 2011

Walking the Baby

Today was such a beautiful day! I just knew that we had to get out and about.
Since I couldn't find the stroller for Abby, I figured she might enjoy walking her baby.
And she did!

Please look how grown up she looks!

We walked Ali to the dog park.

Abby stood at the gate and yelled "Ali, Come!" the entire time. Poor Ali.


After the dog park, we went to the slide at our apartment complex. We met a little girl named Taylor that was 5 days younger than Abby. They played so cute together. I didn't take any pictures as I figured the mom might have been weirded out by that.


After our nap, we went to the Discovery Center (forgot my camera). We met Tracy and Michelle there. It was blast to hang out with 5 girls between the age of 5 and 1. Crazy times!

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Wiz said...

This weather was amazing! I am sooo ready for spring. Abby is so cute. Looking so grown up!