Thursday, January 20, 2011

Footed PJ's and a Rare Pic

We don't normally put Abby in footed pj's, but it is laundry day and it is COLD. This was the only pair that we had that had long pants and long sleeves.
She was loving the frogs on her feet and danced around for a long time watching the "Ribbit's" dance.
Then she disappeared. And....this is why we don't put her in footed pj's. Crafty gal.
Stu took these pictures.

We can NEVER get a picture of Abby and Ali together.

One of them is ALWAYS an action (i.e. blurry) shot.

I am not exactly sure what Stu was doing, but apparently something to keep both our girls looking at the camera!
It is snowing yet again in TN. I am so over it. I drove home on the interstate about 30 MPH. When I took Ali for a walk tonight, it was bad. IF it freezes tonight, tomorrow will be a nasty day!
Check out my post below. I am so happy to introduce my dear (single) friend Teesha. She is so amazing and I can't wait for her to meet a great guy!

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gammy said...

she is just too much. great pics. stuart ali and abby