Sunday, January 9, 2011

Abby's 2nd Birthday Party

Whew, we survived Abby's 2nd Birthday Party!! It was a blast and I was so happy with how it turned out. I am so blessed by the many friends and family that we have.
Here are the pictures that I took.
The room that we rented. We decided to do the party at the Discovery Center in Mboro and it was a great decision.

Balloons from Party City.

The 72 cupcakes that I made on Saturday.

Another set of balloons.

I think Abby's happiest moment was seeing her cousins. She screamed for about 10 minutes when they arrived. You can still see the pure joy in her face.

Her and Chris on the rocking horses.
For the cake, we decided to do cupcakes and then let the kids decorate them with sprinkles. I really did feel kinda bad for the people that had to clean the room. Abby didn't even touch her cupcake, she just individually dropped every sprinkle on the floor.
And as we all sang Happy Birthday to her, I almost felt tears in me eyes. We are truly so blessed!
Sorry, no pictures. I was too busy handing out cupcakes and Goldfish.
Opening presents.

Brynn was such a big helper!

Opening a box with bubble bath and a bath toy.

Opening a giant box with a doll and tons of accessories (We still haven't opened it, we are "phasing" in the new toys.)

More presents, how cute is little Casey (we are going to his 3rd birthday party next weekend)?

Opening some "jewelry".

I just have to say that she looks too adorable in her boots.

What a pretty dress! Given by Uncle Sean and Aunt Carrie.

After the present opening, we tried to get a group shot. Some of the kids had already taken off for bigger and better things!
And it is impossible to get 12 kids together for one picture.

But it seemed like Abby (far far left) was the one that didn't want to be in the picture!

Abby's action shot was about the best picture we got.

After the party, the kids were all over the Discovery Center. Abby loved the train.
Just a few quick shots of one happy little gal in her bubble bath!

I also want to add that Abby had NO NAP today.
I constantly heard comments about how good she was today (other than her smacking Brynn once). Especially for a gal that had no nap. But she went down in less than a minute tonight. And I haven't heard a peep since!
I am off work the next two days (which is good with the snow coming). I hope that we are able to go back to the Discovery Center, maybe some book readings, and her 2 year appointment.
Happy Birthday to you my sweet little angel!


Wiz said...

Happy birthday Abby! I can't believe Colt is almost two! Time goes too fast.

The cookbook I got is the Pioneer Woman's cookbook. (Its a blog I read) She is halarious. I would recommend going to Kraft.Com and registering to get their Food & Family magazines. They are free and they have TONS of easy recipes in them. I have several and love them. You can also look at the recipes online for older magazines. Good luck!

Katie said...

So glad Abby had a great Bday party Ann. Sorry we did't make it to the party but it looks like she had a blast!

gammy said...

we had such a great time at Abby's birthday party. She sure is a sweetie. I loved how she screamed when she saw me and ran right to me. Happy Birthday Abby, my dear sweet grand daughter Gammy loves you so much.. kiss kiss Ann you did a great job planning this. I loved the poster board and markers for the kids to color with. cupcakes and sprinkles was a great idea.