Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Little Bit of Complaining...

Sorry for the bad post, but tonight has just been one of those nights.....
This was my view on the way home....I left my house at 6:30 AM and arrived at the restaurant for dinner at 6:30PM. That makes for a very long day.

I have never been to a Mexican restaurant that took more than 5 minutes to produce a meal. Which is very important with a two year old that is already an hour past her normal dinner time.

Tonight, we went to that restaurant that broke all the rules. 15 minutes for me to even get a water. 20 minutes for food during which Abby whined to get down. Finally, we just let her destroy the sugar holder. Their problem.


Abby was feeling a little down in the dumps yesterday. She wasn't so bad tonight (sniffles wise) at dinner. But after her bath, her nose was full and she was coughing. I hate when she doesn't feel well.


Thanks for letting me vent a little. I promise for a happier post soon!

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Jess said...

Eww! That traffic is the pits! Did you really take that picture? Sorry Abs isn't feeling well. Hopefully she'll be all better by Thursday and definitely by the weekend! Also, I showed my fabulous new apron to a few of the RSE teachers and they all squealed and screamed just like me when they saw the monogramming! :)