Thursday, January 20, 2011

SUYL - Singles!

This week at Kelly's Korner, she is hosting "Show Us Your Life - Show Us Your Singles!!!"

I am so excited to introduce my dear friend, Teesha. I have know Teesha, since, well seems like forever!
Teesha is 29 and lives right outside Nashville, TN. She is a beautiful, strong, loving and intelligent woman. Anyone who knows Teesha knows she is passionate and determined. She has an incredible loyalty to her friends and family. Whatever she sets out to do, she’ll do with forethought, focus, and follow through (as you will see from the pictures below).
She loves kids and is known to many children as "Aunt Teesha". She works in the nursery at our church every month and volunteers for many community service activities. She has an extremely strong relationship with God and loves to talk about His plan for her life and the influence He has on her.

Teesha works at an insurance company and is very dedicated to her work. She has worked in multiple departments and has a great relationship with her co-workers.

As you can see from the picture, Teesha has a great sense of fashion. Living in the great city of Nashville, Teesha is always quick to throw on a pair of cowgirl boots, ready to dance the night away. She is always dressed for the part whether it be for a night out on the town or a girls night of watching movies and drinking wine.

Did I mention how fit she is? Oh yes, this gal is a marathon runner (far right). This was at the Middle Half in Murfreesboro. She finished right under 2 hours!

And still managed to look beautiful! Teesha loves to work out and eat healthy. At 5'8", she is a tall, blonde knockout! You can find her most mornings at the gym getting ready to start her day.

Teesha loves to be outdoors. She goes White Water rafting and canoeing each summer. She loves to travel and take trips. I know she has a trip planned to NYC and Vegas this year. She also loves low-key trips to the beautiful Gatlinburg. She is so much fun to be around and travel with.

Teesha's perfect guy would be a tall, handsome guy that shares her values and loves to go out for an exciting date, but also a quiet night in. She is looking for a guy that is fun to be around and will get along with all of her crazy friends. He would be laid back, yet strong-minded. He would have a relationship with God and be family oriented.
If you are interested in a beautiful, fun-loving, Christian, all-around wonderful person to be around, Teesha is the perfect girl. Please leave me a comment with your email address and I will make sure that Teesha gets in contact with you.
**And any girls that read this, if you know that a guy that might interested, please let me know. I will be happy to send you her email address ;)


sabrina said...

You can read my post about my Brother in law @

He loves the Lord too! And he is always ready to hangout and have some fun!

Kami said...

My brother in law is 27 and lives in Kansas. If she wants she can look him up on facebook under Ralley Smith.

gammy said...

you really wrote that up great and explained her to a tee. she is a sweetheart.written beautifully Ann

Jennifer said...

Came across your blog from Kelly's blog over at Kelly's Korner. I live in the Nashville area and saw your post about your friend Teesha. I have a friend who is single, 33 years old and he's a High School Pastor at the church I attend where my husband is also on staff. I'd love to connect Shannon & Teesha and see if they'd hit it off. :) My email is