Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Pictures

We had a fantastic (hot) weekend!

We spent Saturday afternoon in the pool at my parent's neighbors.

Abby had a blast! She was so excited to be able to swim on her own and spent the entire time saying "Mommy, Go away!" so she could chase me.
Doesn't' she look so big in her floaty?

Swimming hard core.

Check out that adorable tankini.

I just bought that bathing suit this summer and I think she has outgrown it! I went and got her a 3T so hopefully that fits better.

Saturday night, I made a casserole (yes, I cooked) and when I walked in the other room, Abby set all of our paper plates out.

Ali was interested and got a little too close.

Then she went and gave Ali a plate and spoon. It was too cute.

Ali was not impressed.


On Saturday, we also went by the library to sign her up for the summer reading program.

I walked up to the table and told the kid (he was about 15) that I needed to sign up.

He said, "For you?". (In his defense, they do have an adult program)

I said, "No, for my daughter and pointed to her."

He asked her name and then asked what grade she just completed.

I stared at him. Then looked back at Abby.

I said, "She is two".

He stared at me.

I said, "So, no grade".

He said, "Well, you never know."

Then the other teenager next to him said, "I was always small for my age".

All I could think was Wow, Kids today.


We went on our nightly walk tonight. Stu and I made a commitment to walk every Sunday night as that just gives us quiet time since we don't get to talk much during the week. We actually considered walking to a certain house, but decided it was too dangerous with no sidewalks.

These are the shoes that Abby chose to wore. Pink wedges with her Tangled pj's.

Girl is a fashionista.

Not a great picture, but after the walk, Abby wore my shoes.


Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

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gammy said...

sounds like a great time. that water is so clear. love her tankini. good for you guys with the walking and taking the time for each other.