Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Night...It's Random

It's Saturday night in the Staples house, Stu is playing ball/drinking beer, Abby is sleeping, and I am catching up on Monday's The Bachelorette. So what better time to ramble.....


House is going really, really well. If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I walked by the other night and saw a giant "SOLD" sign in the yard. Warmed my heart.

Speaking of that night, on the way back, it started pouring. I was freaking out (shocked? you shouldn't be). We started to run home. I saw a lady in her driveway and demanded that we use her phone to call Amanda's husband. As soon as we got the phone, it stopped raining. So, we decided to go for it. Of course, it started pouring again. Imagine a 6 month pregnant lady pulling a fat dog. Another completely out of shape person pushing a stroller and dragging an extremely overweight dog that is terrified of rain drops. It was comical.

Yet, no one stopped. Nice.....


This show, The Bachelorette, is ridiculous. This is like season 52 or something and this is by far the worse. Even the blogs that review it (one of the main reasons I watch) think it is stupid.

ABC lost its touch with picking this Bachelorette.


I have been really into biographies lately.

I am currently reading Barbara Eden's Jeannie Out of the Bottle. It is so interesting to hear stories about "old" Hollywood. I plan on doing a "What Momma's Reading" soon, so you can see the other great books I have read.

I actually have so many books that my library overdue charges are adding up.

Instead of putting a hold on the books that I want to read, I made an Excel sheet (read: nerd). It is currently at 20. Eek!


My favorite conversation today:

Abby gets very quiet in the tub and is squatting.

Me: What did you just do?

Abby: I pooped.

Me: What? You Pooped?

Abby: Yes Momma

Me: Well, where is your poop?

Abby: In my Butt.

Me: So you pooted and didn't poop?

Abby: Yes, I pooted water.

I had to leave the room, I was laughing so hard.

For the record, she has never pooped in the tub before.

And you might think this is graphic talk for a 2 year old, but it is what it is.

There are too many males in our family for certain words to be banned.


I am headed to a family reunion tomorrow. Can't wait to see my aunt and uncle that live in TX. Hopefully Abby behaves!!!


Wiz said...

Hahahaha! I have a spreadsheet too with a list of books :) And I laughed out loud over the bath tub talk. Colt now says "I pooped!" everytime he poots.

gammy said...

that is so you Ann. Spreadsheet for your books. But a very good idea. OMG That was just too precious. Your conversation with Abby! She does come up with some great ones. Well have fun at your FU. It is raining tho. be careful.