Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Random Thoughts

  • Today, my friend Julie became a celebrity! A blog celebrity that is. About a week ago, I emailed one of my favorite blog's, Kelly's Korner, to tell her about Julie and the recent loss of her husband. Well, Kelly posted about her tonight. Today alone she has had over 30, 000 views on her blog. Isn't that so awesome? She is such an amazing person and has already received some awesome comments that I know lifted her spirits today.

  • Tonight was one of the top worse moments in my Mommy history. It started out fine, running a few errands. As soon as we got home, Abby had one of the worst meltdowns I have ever seen. To the point that I was in tears.

  • Abby was just inconsolable. She wanted everything and nothing at the same time. I would obviously never let her hurt herself, but a few times I just had to walk away as there was nothing I could do to help her. Finally, I just laid on the floor beside her and let her come to me. Then she finally started to calm down.

  • This was a picture of the end of it. We decided to still do our nightly walk (she insisted on a blanket even though it is 95 degrees outside). She was not happy about a picture being taken.

  • The house is moving along well. I am hesitant to post pictures just yet though. But the home inspection has been done, pest inspection tomorrow, and waiting on an appraisal.

  • A few nights ago, I just let her go to town with the craft feathers. I got a phone call and sat on the couch while she contently played away. Or so I thought. She was apparently feeding them to the dog (apparent a few days later) or cutting them into a million pieces:

  • Every night, when we do our walk, Abby holds my keys until we get to the mailbox. She knows which mailbox is ours and how to turn the key in the lock to get it out. Tonight, was no different. However, tonight when we got home, I walked in our bathroom to take my contacts out. In these few minutes, Abby "hid" my keys. I can't find them anywhere! Luckily, I have a spare set of car keys. But not a spare set of apt keys or my library card or my church card. Stu has been "asked" to please find my keys tomorrow!

  • We have a weekend of no plans and I am super excited. I am thinking pool, pool and more pool!

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Anonymous said...

Julie will always be a special friend. Cherish the times you have with her. I'll never forget her support in the hospital when you were about to deliver Abby. She was smiling the whole time.