Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jessica's Night on the Town!

(Another title I considered was...."I have No Shame").

For the first part of the day, we went to The Art Mill in Lebanon.

It was a blast! These were the pics that we ended up with. I am not an artist by any means, not a creative bone in my body. But I was extremely impressed with the teacher!

I love my picture and can't wait to find a great place to hang it in my new house.

After painting, we went to the hotel. These glam girls decided that Mommy needs some extra lovin' for her night on the town.

This picture is a little out of order as you can tell by the look in my eye, but it is the best picture of the awesome job that these gals did!

Us at Verago's.

Then on to another place, can't remember the name.

That bride in the middle sure is pretty!

To get the party started, Jessica and I had a little "extra" drink.

Bottoms Up!

Smiling Jessica....

Crazy Jessica!......

And finally....Dancing Jessica!


As the night wore down......

Meeting random people on 2nd.

Love that the bride sash has a different look to it now.

I think I was just tired. Yea, just tired.

And Jessica must have just been lovin' on me.

But at least I wasn't the only one that she loved on.

Because who only knows what she did once we went to sleep...

At least she brushed her teeth though!


The night was so fun and I am so excited to have Jessica join the fam' in just a few short weeks!


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one crazy night! glad it was fun and now it's over hahaha.