Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Fun

We got up this morning and went to the Murfreesboro Farmer's Market. I have never been, so I didn't know what to expect. We went a little late and most of the booths were almost out of food or already packing up. But from what I gather, there was alot of good food there though.

Lots of fresh veggies, jams, plants. Next time I go, I will have a game plan.


After a good long nap, we drove over to the Splash Pad. I don't think that Abby knew what to think. She was terrified to get in the water unless I was holding her. Of course, I didn't have a bathing suit on, so that was fun. It only lasted about 10 minutes.

But she was still super cute in her bathing suit cover-up.

We had chicken and mac and cheese for dinner. I don't even know where she got them, but Abby brought chop sticks to the table. She said that she wanted to eat "like Daddy". My camera was full so I only got this picture, but she was pretty good at it.


We were laying in mommy's bed tonight when Abby noticed the baby monitor. She told me that she needed to make a call.

I told her I had to walk in the other room (and to not jump off the bed).

I walked into her room and said "Hi Abby" over the monitor.

I heard her scream, "Hey Nina, I'm reading books in Mommy's bed!"

Trying not to burst out laughing, I walked back in my room. I said "Who are you talking to?"

She said, "Nina and I want to talk to Poppa too."

Uh oh.

I raced back to her bedroom and said in my deepest voice, "Hi Abby".

She screamed, "Hi Poppa, I'm reading books in Mommy's bed!"

I said in a deep voice, "OK, good night."

I went back into check on her and was putting the monitor back content that she had talked to Nina and Poppa for the night.

Mission accomplished.


As you all know, I went to Mike's Memorial a few weeks ago.

Julie was smart enough to hire a photographer for the service as well as getting pictures of the family at her house afterwards.

The photographer took over 4,000 pictures and it STILL editing them.

But she did post one on her facebook page.

How sweet is this little girl?

I tried to help Julie and her family by taking Audrey when she was fussy. And the photographer got this awesome picture that I will love forever.


gammy said...

where is splash pad? Too cute about the monitor. She is a total doll. love the chop sticks! That picture of you and Audrey is so precious. you are a wonderful friend.

Jules said...

Love you!!!

Sue B. said...

Abby is so cute and sweet...and the picture of you with your friend's baby is priceless. I'm sure they treasure your love and friendship...this world needs more loving and caring people like you and your family! God Bless you and also your friend Julie and her precious baby Audrey.