Friday, June 3, 2011

Hoping it's a Phase

For the past few nights, Abby has insisted on adding more and more items to her crib.

The latest additions are shoes and a snow globe.

Here are two sets of shoes, the snow globe, a book, 2 blankets and a large stuffed animal.

Here is the other view. Puppy, kitty, and bunny (the stuffed animals), another book and 2 pillows.

For whatever reason, it is completely necessary to have all of these items.


On another note, hopefully in the future we will be moving her to a big girl bed.

Probably because we might (hint, hint) be moving to a new place......

1 comment:

Wiz said...

Must be the age. Colt is doing the SAME thing in his room. I had John sneak in and take some things out of his bed because it was getting out of hand!

We are getting ready to move Colt to a big boy room as soon as the part comes in! Cant wait to hear about where you are moving (if you are :))