Monday, June 20, 2011

Abby's Point of View

I do have pictures of my wild and crazy weekend to share, but these crack me up. Abby has been obsessed with my camera lately, so she has wanted to take a ton of pics. Most of them are of the floor or ceiling, but here are a few "money" shots.

Dad and Grandad chilling on the couch.

Her toys at Gammy's house.

Close up of the dog toy.


I really just can't get enough of these sweet little legs. While I was looking through these, I just imagine that this is her view every day on the drive home.

She totally bit cement yesterday so her poor little knees are skinned. So sweet!

And are bruised as usual!

Can't stop laughing at this one. I love that gal to death!

And on the way home we just randomly drove by this beautiful home. Wish it were ours;)


gammy said...

those are priceless. And wow I love that house. Sure wish you could buy it. I think it would be perfect for you guys.

Wiz said...

Congrats! Love it :)