Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One of the Reasons...

I Love My Daughter!

(Sorry to all of you boy mommas....I'm sure that you have your things as well!)


But there is nothing better than getting a sweet mani/pedi!

Working on taking the polish off my toes.

It was by far the most gentle pedicure that I have ever gotten.

She was working so hard!

Then on to the nails (although I had no polish on them, she still insisted on taking the polish off).

This picture makes me think of what she will look like in 10 years.

Such concentration!

I hated to tell her that she had gotten all the polish off!


Mommy's toes and nails are good to go!


After pedi/mani time, I brought out the "crack" while I made dinner.

Seriously, how does Mickey do it?

I can put on a 20 minute Mickey Mouse episode on the computer and Abby just wants to lie down and watch it.

I might have said that I wouldn't plunk my kid down in front of the TV/computer, but if I need 20 minutes to get stuff done, it is the only choice.

Any person that says they don't do it is either: not a parent or they are a grandparent.

Any parent that doesn't do it: Try it. It will change your life.


gammy said...

I just love these pictures. she is absolutely adorable. such concentration. I love it. and yes, she loves Mickey Mouse and using him or whom ever to babysit is always a great idea and has been used by me no doubt. I'll have to get her to take my polish off my toes...!!!

Katie said...

Is Abby looking for a summer job?!?!?! I need someone to take the polish off my toes! Too cute Ann