Sunday, May 1, 2011

One Year Ago

It is exactly one year ago today that we moved to TN. The anniversary of that will always be remembered as it was the day of "The Great Flood".

This year, it will be remembered as the day (or near the day) of the tornadoes that killed 300 people in the South.

We were lucky in Smyrna not to have much damage. I emailed my mom on Wednesday to make sure they were ok. She said when she looked out the window at 6:30 "so much rain you couldn't see".


Needless to say, I was shocked driving down their road on Saturday.

Looking to the right, downed trees.

To the left. Gigantic tree down.

This is the road they live on. The debris is 10-12 feet into the street.

My parents house is on the left about five houses down. They were so close to so much damage.

Their neighbors car. A tree fell on it. Literally 5 houses down from my parents.


What makes me very sad is that 2 years ago, their neighborhood was hit SO HARD by tornadoes. I grew up in this neighborhood and it was unrecognizable after those storms.

My parents have been so lucky and blessed not to be affected.

Prayers to all those that are dealing with the aftermath of these latest tornadoes.

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