Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Original Use of Yogurt

Abby insisted on having yogurt after dinner tonight.

I gave her some peach yogurt and just let her go while I did dishes.

Apparently, the spoon was too civilized for her to use.

She ate it straight out of the carton. Getting it all over her face in the process.

And MAD since Momma wanted to take a picture!


I really hate bugs.

And I have a random fear of killing them on carpet. I have seen too many instances where it doesn't kill them and they just keep going.

I saw a giant spider tonight and started screaming and scaring Abby in the process. She jumped on the couch and refused to walk on the carpet. Not really something that I wanted to pass on, but oh well.

This is what Stu came home to:

If you look to the far right under the tupperware, you can see that sucker. I trapped him and stacked books on top of it. Yes, that is my high school yearbook.

And I totally used the zoom on my camera to catch this. I was not getting close, just in case.

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