Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Girls Night

I really miss Stu at night as he is night school, but it is also a great time to bond with Abby.

A few fun things that we did:

Manis and Pedis - We sat on the floor in our bathroom and cut finger and toe nails and then removed previous nail polish (this is actually the first time she has let me remove her nail polish). Then I repainted them - pink on the fingers and purple on the toes.

Drying the nails - She was just so sweet and patient. My favorite part is when we "blow" on them. She seems to think that involves blowing on the palm of her hands. It is too funny.

Watching DWTS - I love Monday and Tuesday nights. I am not even remotely a fan of DWTS, but Abby loves it. She dances like a madwoman.

Watching DWTS in Momma's bed - About 7:30, we sit in Momma's bed and watch DWTS. When the songs are playing, she runs around on the bed or jumps in the air and lands on her bottom.

Reading Books - She reads her books to me. I really need to get a video of it. She screams random syllables and words at the top of her lungs. I laugh every night about it. I called Stu today and heard her "reading" in the background. He said that she was reading a story to Ali. I swear she will be a teacher.

Baby Jesus - Every night we pray to Baby Jesus. She comes up with the most random stuff. Tonight we named every person (all guys) in her MDO class. And their parents. And the teachers. I'm really sad that she only has two more classes left.

More Rocking - She is such a procrastinator about sleeping. It is "More Milk" or "More Rock" or "More Baby Jesus". Anything to not go to sleep.

**We are 100% Paci free. They are thrown away. Tonight, while walking, she looked at me super serious, "Momma, Paci All Gone. Abby Big Girl". Now, we just have to work on the potty training ;)**


It is chilly here, so we needed a jacket for our walk tonight. Since Ali was doing flips in the air, after hearing "walk", I had to hurry. I grabbed the first thing I saw in the closet (which seriously needs to be cleaned out).

Turned out to be a 12 month jacket. Just a tad too small. She complained the entire walk about it not staying on her head.

And of course will only pose when Ali "crazy eyes" is in the shot.


Thanks to everyone that left comments on Julie's post. Information about the memorial is here.

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Katie said...

YIPPIE the paci is gone!!!! Way to go Ann!