Thursday, May 5, 2011

Random Pictures (i.e. Bored to Tears)

Yesterday, after a continuous aching throat, I went to the Walgreens clinic. I was told I had strep throat and not to be in contact with anyone for 48 hours. Vacation! HaHa...more like a nightmare. I haven't left the apartment in 24 hours and I am stir......crazy!

I would give anything to see my baby girl. I miss her so much and I just think it makes it worse knowing that she is 20 minutes away!

I will have to comfort myself in these pictures.

My Mother's Day present from Abby. She made it at MDO. Too cute!

Another Mother's Day present. I am not too sure if I believe the lips are really hers!

I am very close to giving these pictures to the grandparents ( will get it tomorrow!), but this is Abby's Spring Picture.

I can't look at this without smiling. The crossed ankles, the hands in the lap, the bad haircut, the look on the face of....I am going to jump up from this in approx. 2 1/2 seconds and destroy the entire room.


Some random Cell Pictures:

Buffet at Snappy Tomato.

Girl slammed down 5 pieces! I tried to give her a salad, nope only wanted pizza.

She earned that free dinner!

(Gammy pics)

Abby and her cousin Chris at the ball park tonight.

How cute and coy is she in the UT sweatshirt. Too bad they are cousins!

Hanging out on the trampoline.

I love this picture.

It actually reminded me of this picture (from the hospital).

Look at that hair.

Don't worry, I am not cutting it again. I will hire a professional, I swear.


Wiz said...

Love the pictures of her static hair! So precious!

gammy said...

that was fast. I think we were sound asleep right after I sent them to you. They have so much fun together. So glad they are close in age and live close