Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some Sayings

I have heard some really funny things lately (on Movies and IRL) and just had to share:

  • Stu and I watched "No Strings Attached" the other night. The girls in the movie were on their monthly cycles and one cried, "It is like a crime scene in my panties". I know that is gruesome, but I actually laughed out loud at just typing this. That is funny writing. I cannot stop laughing about it.

  • Today we were driving around looking at houses (hopefully, VERY good news on that to come). I don't remember what I bossed Stu into doing, like make a certain turn or something, but he turns to me and says, "Just hold the head, I'm f***ing this goat". Again, a small smile on my face as I type this.

Ok, On to more PG things. Sorry for the R-rated comments.

  • Asking Abby if she wants to go into Time Out: "Yes, please momma"

  • I saw Abby this morning after not seeing her since Wednesday. She squeals and we hug. Then she looks at me dead serious and says, "Wheel of Fortune".

  • My favorite time, although probably won't win me Mother of the Year, is her getting in my face and saying "No, Momma" with the most serious face ever. For pretty much anything that I ask her to do.

  • Driving around this afternoon, Abby kept saying, "Abby need nap". Finally, I turned around to her and said, "Abby, just close your eyes if you need a nap". And she did.

  • Randomly, in the middle of praying to Baby Jesus, she says, "Julie and Audrey, please".

  • "I MUST watch Yo, Gabba, Gabba".

  • "I need MILK". Driving down the interstate, with no milk in the car.

Hope that makes you all laugh, as it did me.

I am just looking forward to more random sayings as she gets older!

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gammy said...

we'll have to watch that movie. sounds funny. I love Abby's random sayings. And get her and Chris together omg.... too funny.