Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paci Update and Meatloaf

We are on night 5 of No Paci.

I know that many of you are like, "Please Ann, it is not that hard". But I think that it is harder for me than it is for Abby.

To me, it just signifies that she is getting older. Maybe the Paci made me feel like she is still my little baby. Hearing her say (in her super serious voice), "Paci All Gone, Abby Big Girl" breaks my heart into a million pieces.

But as each night goes on, it gets easier - for both of us.


Meatloaf - what the F* is this?

Stu told me a few days ago that he was making meatloaf.

I have no idea what Meatloaf is. I actually called my mom and asked her why I didn't know what Meatloaf is. She said my dad refuses to eat it, so she never made it.

I tried to keep an open mind. On my walk with Amanda tonight, I asked her about this mystery meat. She said it is DELICIOUS and I was so lucky to have that for dinner.

I get home and open it up.

I immediately started physically gagging. Physically gagging.

Abby was super pumped about it, so I managed to heat some up for her. It took every ounce of my body to hand her that congealed meat. She ate it up like it was the best thing ever.

I realize that it is just hamburger meat and some other random stuff (in Stu's case, zucchini, which I love), but it is something about the idea of a loaf of meat that just makes me want to barf.

Stu told me I was insane not to try it. If that random meat does not leave my fridge before I get home tomorrow, I might just lose my mind.


Anonymous said...

Save a piece for me! I love meat loaf. You eat meatballs in spagetti, what's the big difference?


Katie said...

Oh Ann I have the best meatloaf recipe.....I hate meatloaf but Mad and Benton LOVE it so I started making his moms recipe.....and guess what I can actually eat it. But same thing for me it is the shape/look of the "loaf" that is just nasty to me..but pair it up with some twice baked garlic/cream cheese mashed taters and YUMMO! FYI can't believe little Addison is will be the only girl...for now that is.

If Autumn didn't tell you I have your swing...if you need it back let me know..but if you have anything else pink you dont need to use in the next 6 months let me konw;)

Justine said...

I loove meatloaf! =)

gammy said...

we love meatloaf. Think of it like meatballs! Wish you all lived closer, I'd eat all of Stuart's leftovers. yum. He is an awesome cook.