Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Party

For months, we have been planning a Royal Party.

A few people have commented that they don't understand my fascination.

I think it is due to:

My general celebrity obsession.

William and I are the same age. I have grown up hearing about him.

I love weddings.

I love the idea of a commoner getting to marry a prince.

They are just a generally adorable couple.

No matter the reason, it was a memorable day. I just can't stop watching coverage of it. My next step is to read books about the Royal Family. Watching the wedding made me very curious about the whole Royal Family and all of the "rules and regulations".


Some of the treats from our party. Note the wedding cake.

The whole spread. Mimosas, muffins, fruit, cake and tea.

Teesha and Libby looking very regal in their hats.


She is seriously watching. And that bling on her ring is overwhelming!

Autumn, Jennifer and Tina.

Autumn and I were the crazy ones at the party. I think we both teared up a little.

Autumn, Carrie (love the hat), and Lindsay.

(I totally thought that Lindsay had decorated for the Royal Party, turns out it was for her son's birthday)

And this little cutie joined us towards the end. I love that I snapped this picture with William and Catherine in the background.

Seriously, how stinking cute is he?

It was a fabulous day with friends. I am so blessed to have other gals willing to spend a day watching tv with me!

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gammy said...

that is so awesome. what fun!