Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bouncey Boo

On Saturday, we went to Stu's parents for Easter dinner. Yum!

Abby loves their trampoline so much. (Don't worry there is one of those net things around it)

She calls it the Bouncey Boo.
Her favorite thing to do is play with the balls or jump into a sitting position.

She also got quite a bit of sun.

She also got a Tweety Bird from her Mee Maw and Aunt Pam.

But she was out like a light 10 minutes into the car. With the shades on.


When we were playing later that night, Abby got very excited and jumped in the air and landed on her bottom. Just like she does on the Bouncey Boo. Except she did it on the floor. Stu and I laughed forever about it as Abby just sat there in shock. I guess she thought that she was still on the Bouncey Boo.

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gammy said...

yes we had a big day Saturday with Abby, Chris and Evan. They played so well together. We also went to Evan's baseball game on Friday. Busy weekend for us. sorry about the sunburn Abby.