Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

What a beautiful weekend!

The weekend started out wonderful with a drive home.

Abby was feeling the shades.

Happy as can be! ************ On Saturday, we went to Callie's 2nd birthday party. It was outside at their house. All the kiddos played outside and then we went inside for presents and cake. Callie got this giant ball gym for a present. The kids pretty much would not leave it alone.
Abby hoarding balls.

Everyone else went on to cake and ice cream. Abby would not stop playing the balls and missed out on that fun.


Missing the cake might have been a good thing. I have been sick the rest of the weekend. Not sure if it was due to the sugar or something else, but I have been unable to eat anything. I finally managed a bowl of soup for lunch today. I hate being sick!

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gammy said...

looks like so much fun. love her shades. can't wait to see her tomorrow