Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Egg Hunting

Even though it was freezing today, we decided to go Easter Egg Hunting.

When we got there, it was even raining!

But this little trooper was ready to go!

The basket is as big as she is!
Doesn't she just look so grown up?

One thing that I wasn't a fan of was that all the kids went at the same time. I had to grab Abby and race across the field to a spot that the other kids hadn't found yet.

But she did manage to get about 12 eggs filled with chocolate and bubble gum.

She was a little devastated when I asked her to keep the candy and leave the eggs (for them to re-use next year). But since we already have a dozen eggs at our house, we really don't need more.

She was really good during the entire Easter Egg hunt. I was so proud. But ask to take a picture with Nana in front of the flowers....not going to happen!


Wiz said...

So precious! She does look all grown up!

gammy said...

I can't believe they still had the hunt. glad she was able to go and find some eggs.