Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beautiful Bride

One of my besties got married this past weekend. I was so overly excited for her!

We went to a Bed and Breakfast in Kingston that was one of the most beautiful places I have ever stayed.

This was my amazing room. Each room had a bird theme. This was the Canadian Geese room. I really wish that Stu could have come, but he had a test for school that night.

How pretty is she!

Michelle and her momma.

Her momma gave her a bible that she got in Jerusalem about 10 years ago. It was covered with Mother of Pearl and she had been saving it for Michelle's wedding day.

How precious is she?? Bella reminds me of a jumping bean. She is constantly in motion and you never know what is coming out of that gal's mouth. She did so good getting her hair done and was an absolute angel at the wedding.

Beautiful cake.

I was eyeing this cake and dying for a piece. For whatever the reason, I think I got the smallest slice of anyone at the reception. But I gobbled it up!

Prewedding pics.

The other kiddo at the wedding was Michelle's niece, Katie. This little girl just took to me. She wanted to sit with me at the reception and when her momma told her to get off my lap, she said "But momma, I am sitting with my girlfriend". I love kids so much!

Sweet little Bella.

She threw all of her rose petals in the first five steps. Then just randomly meandered down the aisle until she got to the front.

Here comes the bride!

Mr. and Mrs. Dixon!

Cutting the cake


I took these pics off facebook.

This is the sweetest picture that I have ever seen.

Lane gave Bella a ring as well. It was a heart with a diamond in the middle. She was so proud of it!

How beautiful are they??


We took some pictures of me and my other bestie (who is now the sister in law of the bride) with the bride. Hopefully, I can see those soon.

It was a wonderful day!!!


Wiz said...

What a beautiful bride! I think I remember you posting her picture on the SUYL - Single friends?? So glad she found someone!

gammy said...

oh, congrats. that was so sweet of Lane to give Bella a ring. She is beautiful. I love her dress.