Monday, April 18, 2011

Folding Laundry

Abby loves helping me with her laundry. She always puts the washcloths away as well as hang her shirts and dresses in the closet.

Since she was folding washcloths and not looking, I managed to get a shot of her.

How adorable is that gown?

Every time I do laundry, I immediately put it back on her and then sulk until laundry is done again ;)

She did bust me taking a picture though.

(Please note how disorganized her books are. I am dying for a new bookshelf for her. Stu has promised to build me one as soon as we get a house. I already have plans drawn up for it.)

The last picture I got before "No More Camera Momma".

Mixed in with her laundry was a washcloth that normally stays in the kitchen. She grabbed it and took off for the kitchen. She came back a few minutes later and said, "I need help, Momma." I followed her in the kitchen and she pointed to the pantry. I opened it and she put the washcloth on top of our other kitchen towels. She is such a smart girl!

But this is the face that I seem to get more and more. Pure madness. This was after I told her that it was getting close to bedtime and we should go read a book.


We got her Spring pictures back from MDO tonight. I will share after we give the grandparents their copies. Too precious!


Jules said...

I can't wait to see her pictures!!

gammy said...

too cute. mommy's little helper. love the gown. what a cutie, she is getting so big.