Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I have really been slacking on the blogging! With it getting darker later, Abby has been going to bed later and later. She is such a little diva about bed. Stalling with needs of paci (curse the paci!), stuffed animals, a drink, just anything!


If we don't say our prayers and name every person she knows, we pretty much have to start over!

She even started saying her prayers in the car. I snuck this picture of her talking to "Baby Jesus".

Her reaction to seeing the camera!


Some random things that she has done lately:

While naming the people we love to Baby Jesus, she named Nana's Hair.

We were arguing about whether she could get the paci or not (happens alot). Finally, she just stared me right in the face and said, "Put.the.paci.in.my.mouth" in her super scary voice.

Walking tonight, we ran into some kids about age 6-9. As we were walking away, she said "Bye Babies".

Every day when we drive home, she wants me to sing the ABC's. But before I get to D, she screams "No". I started singing it in different voices, like low and high. She imitates it and thinks it is the funniest thing that she has ever heard.

When we get back from our walk, she takes Ali's leash and tries to put it back on Ali for about 30 minutes. Luckily, Ali is a very patient dog.


When I have to give Ali a pill, like heartworm, I put it on a spoon in peanut butter.

This picture shows it all. The dog is insane about peanut butter.

During the walk tonight, the kids that came up to us attacked Ali. 5 at a time petting her. One little girl asked me if she was a mommy. I said that no, she didn't have any puppies. Then the girl asked me if she was married. I said no, she isn't married.

As we left (and Abby was yelling Bye Babies), the same little girl said "Ali, you are way too cute for no one to love you". I assume that she meant about being married.

I love kids!


Results are in on two of my friends babies. One girl and one boy!

2 down, 4 to go! I can't believe that I know 6 pregnant ladies!!!

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