Thursday, November 18, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday

(Sorry for the late post, went to bed super early last night).

I'm Loving that I got my new cell phone today. Hubs charged it and it is working perfectly.

I'm Loving that Abby is loving HER new phone.

I'm Loving that Abby's stocking from Pottery Barn arrived today.

I'm Loving that the grocery store had this magazine in tonight.

I'm Loving that my gas tank looked like this when I left work, but I still made it to the gas station by my house.

1 comment:

gammy said...

glad you like your phone. I can't decide which freebie I want. ..I love Abby's stocking, that is adorable. I haven't been on line lately so tonight is catch up. Christmas cards and birthday cards. wow you are good. Abby sure does like to color and play with play doh Can't wait for next week and Abby time.