Friday, November 19, 2010

So, So Blessed

I am in the middle of full on Christmas mode. I have spent hours poring over Christmas Cards trying to determine the best one that showcases my beautiful family. Along with trying (unsuccessfully) to pick out a birthday card for Ms. Abby's 2nd birthday party.
While deciding how many to buy, I was all of a sudden hit with the thought of "WOW".
We are so incredibly blessed to have so many friends and family to send Christmas cards to. It really does amaze me. I am sending tons of cards to family and friends in TN. But also TX, VA, OK, NC, NJ, FL, CA and NY. I am just totally loving that we have so many friends/family.
And if for some reason, you have moved and didn't tell me....please tell me! I want you to get a Christmas card. Everyone loves getting mail!

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Justine said...

What about maine??? :(