Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Ramblings

I am so excited about Toy Story 3 coming out tomorrow. I specifically left Stu a note so he would NOT forget to rent it. Stay tuned to see if that really happens.


I have been working all weekend to get clothes ready for a consignment sale next week. It just brings back so many memories to go through Abby's stuff. The good thing is that we were given alot of stuff (some of which she didn't wear), so I have tons to choose from.

Although, I am pretty upset that I found a Halloween costume that was given to us a year ago that was a 2T. Maybe she can fit in it next year!


I just got done reading this book. Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. Most people like one or two of his books as they do all tend to run together.

Let me just say that the last three pages had me outright sobbing.


I wrote in a previous post about how I really wanted to get into volunteering. About a week ago, I signed up to help out with the set up at my church's fall fest in Smyrna.

I knew no one and really wanted to chicken out (especially as it was 9 AM on Saturday), but I went.

And guess what...I LOVED it!

I helped set up tents, chairs, tables, and signs. I put together candy bowls for games. I also checked in other volunteers and handed out t-shirts. I won't say that I made any life-long friends, but everyone was super nice and we had a great time.


One of my new favorite shows is Mike & Molly.

"Molly" totally cracks me up.


I am really torn about the Kindle/Nook/library issue. I think a Kindle would be awesome to keep in my purse for times that I have to wait in line or just have a few extra minutes to read. But....I seriously read a book every few days. I am not sure that I can/want to afford my habit when books are $9.99 a piece. I love that I can go by the library and get any book that I want for FREE.

Any advice? Do you have one? How much do you spend every month??

Thanks for listening to my ramblings....

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your ramblings crack me up!!