Monday, November 8, 2010

Ok, Im back!

Whew, I just realized I have not blogged since last Wednesday.
Sad to say, not much has been going on. Just spent alot of time......relaxing!
We did get our Christmas picture done on Saturday though. I can't wait to see them!!
I took today off work as I had a few appointments and errands to run. I would like to say that I spent the whole day hanging out with Abby, but unfortunately that did not happen. In between my appointments and her new naps, I just didn't get the time.
But Abby did spend the morning trying on my shoes.

Her "pose".

I am not sure why she squats when I tell her to "cheese".

How adorable are those feet!
I am loving the weather - hating daylight savings though.
It was nice enough for us to take a walk tonight.
Abby was stylin' tonight, but wouldn't get a picture taken.

Check out the super tight pj's with the cowboy boots.

This time when I asked her to "cheese", she held out her hand. Again, no idea why.

But how freaking cute is her toboggan????
This is a bad picture as we were trying to run out the door (note the speed of Ali in the background. Poor gal was
Abby has a strict bedtime of 7:30. On the dot. Very few exceptions (and they always involve grandparents ;) ).
And she normally wakes up about 7:30-7:45.
She stayed with my parents Sat night (daylight savings time). Dad mentioned that she woke up at 6 that day. I figured they just heard her moving and got up with her.
Oh no. She was up this morning bright and early at 6 AM. I went in and turned the mobile on and she did fall back asleep until about 6:35. But then she was wide awake and raring to go.
She did crash about 11:30 and I had to wake her at 1:30.
Is this normal around day light savings time? Does it throw them completely off whack? What do I do to fix it?
I am very worried that she is not getting enough sleep at night, so I put her down at 7:15 tonight. I don't care that she gets up earlier, but should I put her down sooner since she is waking up earlier?
Sorry for all the questions......I haven't had any sleep changes in a long time!!

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Wiz said...

Colt always gets messed up on the time change to. It usually takes him a couple days to adjust and then he is right back to his normal schedule.