Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Great Finds!

Tonight, I went to the Sugar Babies consignment Christmas sale.
I was very disappointed in the selection of girls' stuff. I heard rumors that all of the good stuff had been bought by the workers. I did find a doll pack and play, but as I was checking out noticed that it had a yellow stain on it - so that went back.
But the boy stuff was phenomenal - I bought tons of stuff for my three year old nephew. I'm hoping that my MIL takes some of it!
Spiderman boxing gloves, some sort of transformer, and a hammer and nails set.

(Not sure why this was sideways). A Baby Einstein book for Abby.

(Again with the sideways). A lot of Bernstein Bears for $1 and a book for my 9 year old nephew.

Sponge Bob 3 foot puzzle

Snowman pj's for Abby and three shirts for Chris.
And the best (only) find:

A doctor's kit for $3!
In total....I spent $22.50 on all of this!
Stu has been strictly instructed that these are all Christmas presents and not to be opened prior!

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gammy said...

you did good. now put it all away Christmas is what 5 weeks away? And Thanksgiving with the family. that reminds me about Thanksgiving Thursday with your family, Friday with us! more details later