Sunday, November 21, 2010

What a Beautiful Weekend!

This weekend was so amazing! The weather was wonderful. I hope everyone in this area got the chance to spend at least some of it outside. I know we did, but I didn't get any pictures.
I did take this picture right before we went outside and walked around. I could tell that Abby was getting a little too into the cartoons.

Today, we went to church and then came home, opened the windows and cleaned the heck out of the apartment. Well, I did. Stu watched football!

But I loved it and my bleach soaked hands are just happy the apartment is clean!

Abby really loves to help with the laundry. She will throw all the pieces in the laundry, so I barely have to do anything!

Let me just also add that this is after her bath. She has her pj's on. But insisted on putting socks and shoes back on. I am loving the knee high pink socks.

We got our Christmas pictures back (Thanks again, Lindsay!). There are too many to choose from. And I am having such a hard time picking a card and which pictures to use. Ugh!
But I did want to share this one. I just think that Abby's eyes look so beautiful. So brown!

I will share more soon.

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gammy said...

oh yes what a beautiful weekend. and yes outside was great. all day saturday and sunday. that little girl is just too much. I love how she loves to help clean. And that picture is one of my favorite