Monday, November 22, 2010


I really have no new pictures, but I really want to point out some things that Abby is up to. Since I am pretty much not posting monthly updates, here are some updates:

  • Abby has learned how to say "Please" in sign language (pretty sure that was Gammy).
  • She is becoming such a snuggler. I just have to say, "Want to read a book?" and she in my lap in a second.
  • Colors on EVERYTHING. Pretty sure I owe the library $22.95 because of that.
  • Loves to dance. Any kind of tune comes on and she is ready!
  • Normally, our walks are Abby in the stroller and Abby on the leash. This past weekend, she decided No more stroller. And she has to have the leash. Next time (hopefully tomorrow), Ill try and get a picture. Our dog sniffs like a crazy dog and when Ali stops to sniff, Abby has to investigate as well. Sometimes, this is not a good thing.
  • I am trying to teach her about the potty. I plan on getting our mini potty out this weekend and introducing it.
  • We were reading a book tonight and there was a picture of a duck with yellow footprints under it. Abby said, "Pee Pee". I tried to explain that it was just a shadow, but she insisted it was more.
  • Never have I met a more curious person. She wants to know what e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. is.
  • If you get our Christmas card, you will see that she doesn't smile on command.
  • We taught her what her belly is. Now, when I am changing in front of her, she screams "Belly, Belly, Belly". Really great on my self-esteem ;)
  • People constantly tell me how good she is. In public, she is a perfect angel.
  • At home, it is a different story.
  • Time-outs have moved from just the crib to wherever she is sitting. And they have been pretty frequent lately. Girl just cannot stop throwing and hitting!
  • The eating has become such a challenge. I really worry that she doesn't get enough nutrition, but I guess it is just a phase.
  • She is STILL obsessed with tampons. On the weekends, when she is in the bathroom with me, she screams for them. Tonight, she took matters into her own hands and made a stepping stool out of toilet paper to get to them. She brought them to me one by one.
  • I am just amazed at how smart she is. No matter what book she is reading, she can pick out a ball, balloons, dog, cat, owl, frog, horse, moon, stars, airplanes, just to name a few.
  • Tonight I taught her that skunks are "Ew, Ew!" When we went back to the book, she remembered and said "Ew, Ew!" and waved her hand like it was stinky.
  • Any time we bring her dinner, she puts her hand over it and says "Too Hot" in the most serious face I can imagine. We try to tell her it is not hot, doesn't matter.
  • When she eats something good, she rolls her eyes back and says 'Mmmmm".
  • Abby loves to climb on a box that we have by the porch door. She loves to flick the light switch (to the outside light) on and off. But when it is time to get off the box, she screams for us to help her. It is really only about 4 inches, but I guess to her it is a mile.
  • When we dress Abby, we normally start with the pants. Then when it is time for the shirt, she holds her legs up again. Silly girl, shirt comes next.

Those are just a few of the things that I can think of. But I do know we are loving this little gal more and more every day!

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gammy said...

well I'd say you have covered a lot of things. I also taught Abby how to sign the word "more" She is just too cute. We have so much fun together when she is here.Well keep me up to date on potty training. she will do great.