Friday, November 26, 2010


Anybody remember this sweet little face?
This was Abby's first Thanksgiving!

Oh, I barely remember that sweet baby!

And she couldn't even walk!

This year, all she did was play with her cousins, Evan and Chris. (Please notice how Chris is a blur in the background - that boy does.not.stop).

She had soooo much fun wrestling with Evan. He is such a good cousin!

Trying to get the camera from Momma. And yes, the girl wears her pearls everywhere.

We tried to get a shot of all three of them, but that is next to impossible. Surprisingly, this is actually the best one.

And check out the "turkey". Gammy made this and it was delicious (already half eaten in the picture).
I do have to say that after four Thanksgiving dinners....I am just glad that it is over!
No more turkey!!!!


gammy said...

I can not believe how much Abby has changed. They sure did have fun yesterday. Evan is such a great big cousin and big brother. he really does know how to take care of the little ones. Well, I think we will have turkey 2 more times and then it will be gone. I have tried hard to fall asleep all day today. I didn't sleep at all last night.

Wiz said...

Colt was the same way this year. Whereas last year Colt was not even crawling, this year he was running all over the place with his cousins. It makes me so excited for years to come!