Sunday, July 31, 2011

Busy, Busy Weekend

I love, love, love shopping consignment!

I am sure that you have heard me mention Sugar Babies before, it is a twice annual children's consignment sale in Smyrna. I have worked all week to get stuff ready to take to it. My goal was to make $50 and spend $50 at the sale.

I won't know for a few weeks what I made, but I spent $50.50 today! And I really wasn't paying that much attention to prices, so I was very happy that I stayed at my goal.

The Loot:

A rain jacket, shirt, pj's, skirt, 2 dishes, about 10 books, a jean dress (love!), 2 pairs of jeans, pink shoes, Minnie Mouse house slippers, and 2 puzzles. My two favorite things are on the far right. A toy vacuum and a MTSU cheerleading outfit.

I was disappointed that I missed out on some stuff that I wanted. I really wanted to find her a table and chairs for the bonus room, but since I was late, they were already gone. I also wanted to find a water table, but I didn't see any. I'll just have to order from Toys R Us now.


The reason that I was late to the sale is that there was an Open House at the Community Christian Day School at the same time. We have been on the waiting list for this day care for an extremely long time.

They called me a few months ago and offered me a spot for October. Yep, like 6 months in advance.

But we got the chance to go tour it again today and see the classroom that she will be in.

I loved every minute of it. I loved the teachers. I loved the pet rabbit, Kevin. I loved the schedule, the values of the class, the options for her to do dance or tumbling once a week.

I am so excited for her to start in October. Yes, it is higher priced and not on the way for us at all. But I think it is one of the best that we have toured, we met the owner and his family.

I just really love that Abby will be in a large class - 3 teachers and 18 kids (!) and will start interacting with other kids more. The teacher also mentioned "helping" us with the potty training. Working out a plan so that both us and the teachers are on the same page.


I am just so giddy about her starting. So giddy....that I just used the word giddy!


I went furniture shopping on Saturday. Found a few things that I liked and hoping to get that going soon. I probably won't do a large post about the house and every room in, but I will highlight some changes that we have made.

The landscaping is about to do me in though. I truly regret not taking before and after pics. I have pulled weeds for a total of probably 14 hours. And that is the front of the house!

And tonight I tackled a plant/flower that I am probably going to have nightmares about. I'll try and take some pictures of what I discovered after I started trimming.


Exciting weekend coming up....Julie is staying with me! My first houseguest!

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gammy said...

wow you did do good. great looking stuff. love the mtsu cheerleading outfit etc.. I know what you mean about pulling weeds. It is a lot of work none stop. so glad Julie will be visiting. school for abby sounds wonderful. I know she will love it as much as you do.