Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Fun

We went to the Smyrna fireworks show on Saturday night. I never even imagined how many people would be there - it was crazy. Of course, I didn't get any pictures, except this one.

My sweet little baby wanted to be wrapped in her mommy's arms. The fireworks were loud!

Somewhat similiar to two years ago! At least she was awake for these.


Tonight we went to my parents house to grill out.

Abby got it in her head that we needed to feed the ducks. So after dinner, we drove to where the ducks were.

I swear those ducks knew her. As soon as we walked up, almost every duck came waddling.

They were getting super close, but loving the chips that she was feeding them.

Girl has no fear.

There were a few geese that were freaking me out, so I had to throw my body in front of them a few times.


I love reading everyone's posts and comments on FB about the "true" meaning, celebrating our freedom. What a wonderful time to remember all of the men and women that are fighting for that freedom. Please keep them and all of their families in your prayers tonight and every night.


We did the final walk-through on the house today! (Awesome agent that works holidays). It is ours in 7 days! I think we are getting in there on Sunday to do some cleaning (that they didn't do), so I will be posting before and after pictures. And just basically lots and lots of pictures in the weeks to come!


Wiz said...

Colt is not a cuddler at all but was holding onto to me for dear life during the fireworks. I loved it :)

Cant wait to see the house pictures!

gammy said...

where did you find the ducks?