Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Moving Day

I promise to take "real" pictures soon. We finally got everything moved from the apartment to the house, so just a few more days of getting everything together.

But here are a few pictures of moving day.

Abby discovering bubble wrap. It kept her entertained for about an hour. Cheapest present ever!

Notice that she has a tutu on. At one point during the move, one of Stu's friends (I called them the tattoo crew) got trapped by Abby and demanded that he help her with getting dressed. Luckily for her, he was a great guy and got her all dolled up for the move.

Here is a shot of the kitchen. I have a weird obsession with magnets and get them almost everywhere we travel. This is only about 1/4 of them.

Our gigantic bonus room. I am loving the built in bookshelves/desk.

I decided that I hate her changing table so it did not make it to her room. I plan on selling it soon. Next time, I will def. get a dresser to put the changing pad on. There is just not much use for this once she is potty trained (hopefully soon).

Abby in her room. She was giving her baby a bath while we were moving. I'm telling you, the girl can totally keep herself entertained!

(And more on the bed later. If you follow me on FB, you know the drama that went on with the bed).

This is the view from the kitchen sink. Abby has figured out that she can sit on the back of the couch and look at me cooking/doing dishes.

The other night, she was doing just this and suddenly disappeared. Then I heard a loud wail. I ran around to check on her and she was just sitting on the couch crying. I kept asking her what happened. She finally said, "I fell on my nose". She just cracks me up.

Speaking of cracking me up, I found a new blog that is called Rants from Mommyhood. Quite snarky about motherhood. Loved today's post and my favorite line is "You do not want to come between me and my kids' bedtime. I will cut someone if they knock on my front door at 8:30pm."

So true. We had the trash people come by the other night and ring the doorbell at 8:30. Cue the crazy dog barking. I almost lost it. Luckily, she was too tired to cry out. Moving will do that to you.

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gammy said...

love love love the house and all the pictures of Abby helping mommy. bubblewrap the best toy there is