Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Welcome to the Neighborhood

We are so loving our new neighborhood. We have met the neighbors on both sides of us and they are so nice.

I was pulling weeds Saturday morning (or as Abby calls it, pulling leaves) and some walkers came by. "Welcome to the neighborhood" they called out. Love it.

We have a pretty small neighborhood, about 50-60 hours on 3 streets.

The BEST part is that our neighbors a few houses down brought this over today. The MOST delicious iced brownie ever. Yep, that is a pretty big hole in it already. I can't lie - I just took a fork to it and wasn't disappointed. Stu did the same. We were in heaven.


We are at a point with the house that I am not sure whether to take pictures or not. We are 99% unpacked (the garage is a hot mess) and have started making small improvements. But I am so busy just keeping this big ole house clean, by the time I can relax it is too late to take pictures.

So you will just have to deal with the small peeks!

This is Abby's closet. We installed the two bottom shelves this weekend. One shelf was just not enough!

While I worked on the closet, Abby worked on snapping buttons. Girl can totally keep herself busy. Note that she is sitting in her baby's stroller. I always say it - but she can always make me smile.

Did you notice the bed? Abby is a full-on non crib sleeper! She is such a big girl! She loves to jump in her bed and so far (cross your fingers) she waits for permission to get out of it. I wake up on the weekends to "Mommy, can I get out yet?"


gammy said...

I love her closet. She is such a sweetheart. She plays so good by herself. What a big girl. Love love love it

gammy said...

oh, and will you save me some of that yummy brownie cake. OMG we have lived in this neighborhood 13 yrs and really don't know anyone.

Anonymous said...

The best way to meet neighbors is to walk a dog or child!