Sunday, July 24, 2011

Birthdays in the House!

My favorite hubby turned 32 this week. With all the going-ons of the house, we didn't really have time to celebrate.

But we did go to Bonefish Grill tonight. Just him and I on a date!

He had never been and absolutely loved it!

I don't eat seafood so I had the chicken, but he had scallops and sea bass. We are both miserably laying on the couch especially after sharing a giant brownie for dessert.

I love you Stu!


My dear sweet little Ali was 4 years old this week.

I can't tell you how great this dog is with Abby.

Just one example:

Without me knowing, Abby put Ali's leash on her. I heard Abby saying, "I am walking Ali", but I really didn't check on her.

Abby walked Ali around the house for about an hour. Ali was just patient with a "poor me" look on her face.

Ali, we love you!


Jules said...

I cannot wait to see this little girl and Audrey walking Ali together :-) Just so you know, the pictures of Abby's room cracked me up. There are so many pink accessories in there that the whole room radiated pink! I love it!! Like when you had that green bedroom that made the whole hallway glow at your NC house? We can't wait to see you!!!!!

gammy said...

just the sweetest little girl I know. And Ali is great with kids. Happy birthday Stuart 32!. Happy birthday Ali. glad you had a great date night. You need to do that more often