Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Squeaky Clean

Abby has been a regular at the dentist for almost 2 years now.Ever since the incident with the tooth.
It is actually quite funny, she is SO good there, unlike the doctor appointments. There, she will throw a freaking fit and embarrass me to no end.

At the dentist, she is a perfect little angel. Everyone there absolutely loved her.

They couldn't believe that she is only three as she was so well behaved.
Yea, we are pro's at the dentist.
We had an insurance change so this was a new place and I was a little nervous (Seriously, she is 3 and this is her third dentist office to go to). But they were so awesome with her.
I always ask about the broken tooth and have them take extra care to look at it. But they said it was fine, just will continue to look at it.
I also brought up the whole "I eat my toothpaste" dance that we do every night and morning.
They said that was normal and not to worry about it, just give her enough toothpaste to brush her teeth, "a smear" and she will be fine.

After, we stopped at a hair salon for a trim. I am trying so hard to grow those bangs out (they start in the middle of her head). So we get only some of the bangs trimmed every few weeks.

But she is pretty sporadic on the bow front.

This is AFTER the haircut. It is still in her eyes. I just want to jam a barrette in it!

I had a dentist appointment today as well, Abby was again SO well behaved and sat outside the room and colored the whole time.

Granted, she left with blue highlighter on her nose, but still.

We find Abby the most random things to do. Stu was making deviled eggs for work tomorrow and gave Abby the egg carton. Then we found ping pong balls and told her to have at it.
She had a blast throwing those ping pong balls in the egg carton.
And do you see the balloon in her hand? The dentist made her a balloon flower and she has not put it down since!

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