Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Ouchies

Abby loves to get boo-boo's. Or maybe not loves them, but gets them all the time!!
This one was pretty ugly, apparently she fell on the sidewalk at school and scraped her knee.
She kept the band aid on for 2 days and then finally let me take it off to see.

She told me that she couldn't smile, she had to make a "sad face".

She gets so devastated about any sort of boo-boo that she gets, but if you can't tell, she has bruises all over her legs.
A pretty bad close up, but you can see all her bruises.
She is just like me. I can barely bump into something and get a giant bruise.
I told her that we would put a band aid on it and then have a happy face.
I am pretty sure that she will be ok!
I have been trying to remember all the funny things that she says, but I always forget. I happened to write this one down tonight. We were eating pizza and I asked Abby if she wanted a napkin. She said, "I don't need a napkin, I am just going to lick myself".
Love her!

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