Sunday, April 29, 2012

Busiest Weekend

 We had the busiest weekend ever! I don't even know how I am still awake to write this (oh, wait I do, I am reading Catching Fire.....amazing!)

 I was up bright and early (3 AM) on Saturday morning to hang out at LP Field. Well, more like work my butt off volunteering for the Country Music Marathon.

I completely regret not taking pictures. I wore a yellow vest and directed traffic. Hilarious! And let me just add, that only about 20% of those people cared. The other 80% either ignored me, shook their head at me, or tried to run me over. I am so glad that I have a sense of humor. And those other parking attendants were great too - they were so fun to work with. It really is amazing how funny the "herd" is.

I spent the majority of time doing this (I took this pic prior to the 30K plus people that came through). What you are looking at is 10 UPS trucks - and there are another 10 on the side I'm on. And all 20 trucks were full of checked bags. After people were done doing the race, they came to these trucks to get their belongings.

So, I spent 3 hours in a hot UPS truck. Looking for bags. Finding them, not finding them - it was quite the adventure.

Let me just jump on my soapbox for a minute - volunteer today! Of the 400 people that I helped, I got 10 praises for the help I was giving - but that made it worth it. This might have seemed like grunt work, but the volunteers and staff really do make these events. The Country Music Marathon benefits St Jude's and if my being there helped raise even a dollar for those kids, it was worth it! I got so much out of it. For just a few hours, I was "Ann", not mommy or wife or friend or family member. I was just me and getting to meet amazing people, both volunteers and runners. I am totally doing it again.


After that, I had to keep moving or I was going to crash - so we headed to the ball field to watch Daddy play softball. 

Abby spent the majority of her time scooping up dirt. I told her to get it out of it, but she told me that she was "cooking". Silly girl.

Abby and I both crashed pretty early on Saturday night (Well, me later than I would have liked - I started Catching Fire!).

On Sunday, we went to church and then lunch with friends that moved away (so mad I didn't take pics).

Then we went to the Franklin Downtown Festival.

My heart was in my throat, but Abby wanted to do the giant slide by herself.

She did that slide like she was a pro.

The best was when she face planted halfway down the slide and fell down backwards. For a second, I seriously thought she broke something. But she came up grinning and I could not stop laughing. She is just so tough. 

My sweet little girl is just growing up!

We met our friends there and Abby got to hang with her friend Casey.

She loved the ball pit. 

She is just so funny and I really think that 3 is the BEST age.

I am looking at my calendar for May, and it exhausts me. We have SO much going on.

I just have to take pictures!!!! 

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Wiz said...

Loved Catching Fire! The movie was really good too!