Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Queen of Bull

Some nights, Abby just doesn't want to go to bed. We have a strict bedtime of 7:30 on school nights (trust me, she is impossible to get up if she stays up later).
If it is one of those nights, she comes up with every excuse in the book.
  • It isn't dark outside.
  • I need more milk, my mouth is thirsty.
  • My stomach hurts, I need medicine.
  • I'm coughing, I need medicine.
  • I need a book.
  • I need to say more prayers.
  • I have to potty.
  • I don't have lotion on.
  • My leg hurts, I need a band-aid.
  • My arm hurts, I need a band-aid.
  • I need to see what outfit I am wearing tomorrow.
  • I need to see the shoes I am wearing tomorrow.
  • My blankets are falling off.
  • I can't find [insert 1 of 50 stuffed animals].

You might think these are valid excuses, but when she uses every.single.one of them in one night, they begin to lose credibility.

Luckily, it usually only lasts about 20-30 minutes and then she is out like a light.


And some pictures from dinner out tonight:

"Well of course I cross my legs like a lady"

"Isn't it a shame that my Mommy hasn't cut my hair?"


SueB said...

LOL...those are some really good points that Abby came up with. My favorites are "it's not dark enough outside" and "my mouth is thirsty!" She is just too darn smart!

Gotta love the leg crossing in those two pics...such a little "lady"...and her shoes are simple adorable!! I'm a shoe-a-holic and love little girl's shoes as well!

Boy, do I miss the toddler ages with my girls. I treasure those years and they make me smile when I look back at quotes I wrote down and all the pictures and videos from each and every year. Enjoy them to the fullest...they are truly priceless!

gammydi said...

that is hysterical.. I'm surprised she doesn't say something about her puzzles. She is a mess. love you Abby.