Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Fun

What an end to a 3 day weekend.....
Today was an awesome, beautiful day. And we went to a great service at a new church. What a way to kick things off!

Well before that, we had a little visit from the Easter Bunny.

Abby got a Tag Reader and a Little Mermaid book. She has read that book quite a few times now.
She also got a Minnie Mouse headband - loves it!
I am so bad that I didn't get a picture of Abby in her Sunday best. It included a hat!
Today was just too busy!
Abby is loving our new dining room table. She loves to crawl under it and hide.
And she got out her doctor's kit to take the temperature of all the chairs....they all got smiley faces!
We hosted both of our families at the house.
Since Abby was the only kiddo, I wanted to find something fun for the adults to do.
An old-fashioned Easter Egg Hunt!
Let me just tell you - I was so nervous about this not being fun for all the adults.
They loved it. I now will call it, "The First Annual Easter Egg Hunt", as it will be a tradition going forward.
Abby got into it as well.
Pretty much, all my beautiful shrubs (and fresh mulch) contained multiple Easter Eggs.
It was hilarious to see everyone stirring up the 1,000 bugs that live in my greenery. I just hope we found them all!
Then it was time to open them!
They were filled with money, candy, letters and challenges.
The big hit was the "glitter eggs". I emptied eggs and filled them with confetti to bust over people's heads (Thanks for that idea Pinterest).
The prizes were all silly - back scratcher, whoopee cushions, chocolate bunnies.
Abby getting a glitter egg busted on her arm.
The Staples boys - Steve, Stuart, Kevin and Sean.
All of them were asleep on the couch shortly after!
Gammy got Abby a picnic table for Easter. Since Daddy was inside sleeping off a big meal, my brother and sis-in-law put it together. (With a little help from Abby)
She also got a cute basket from Nana - with Minnie pj's.
I think that sums up our Easter - note to self to take more/better pics next year!

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gammydi said...

Ann we had a great time. the food was great, all the people, the weather, but most of all your egg hunt. we are still talking about it. Thanks for the 1st annual Easter Egg Hunt. can't wait till next year.