Saturday, April 7, 2012


I don't even know if I spelled that right - that is how exhausted I am!
We had a very busy day!

We started in our soccer attire. Since Abby is not that happy about soccer, I figured Hello Kitty socks might make her happy. You be the judge.

We sat on the sidelines, again. Crying and whining.
This is the 5 minutes that Abby went out there.
She loves the cones and nothing else.
After the soccer fiasco, we went to an egg hunt.
I love this picture, Abby was so scared and Landon (you can only see the basket) was all about it!
After rolling backwards down tree roots, she got a little into it and got a few eggs.
Her highlight was the face painting.
Abs loves getting her face painted!
Duck game. She got a Tootsie Roll Pop that was well enjoyed.
Pin the carrot on the bunny.
We also met up with our friend Bella.
This is the sweetest little 7 year old that I know!
Abby doesn't nap. Ever. It makes for a very long day.
This was her 5 minute nap in the car.
She is so exhausted every weekend, but refuses to sleep. Trust me, I try.
After all the madness, we tried to dye eggs.
I bought one of those $1.97 egg dye kits.
Abby was so lost with the little piece of wire included.
We moved on to tongs.
And really concentrated on it.
I mean, this was serious egg dyeing business.
I am so proud of her. She loved it and did a fantastic job of dyeing eggs.
What did the Easter Bunny bring?
(he brought Mommy a new dining room table, but more on that later)
Stickers, a bubble wand, a Minnie Mouse headband, and Leapfrog Tag reader.
Let me just say, I have been playing with this Tag reader all night.....and I love it!
It is age 4-7, but I really think that Abby will enjoy it. She is so smart and loves to read. Hopefully it is a hit in the morning.

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