Monday, December 3, 2012

Sat Birthday Party

 On Saturday, we went to a birthday party of one of Abby's classmates. 

It was a Princess costume party and Abby got to wear her Alice in Wonderland costume...again! She was thrilled.

Anna, the birthday party Shelby, and Abby

Seriously, how cute are these little girls? Abby was so thrilled to hang out with her friends outside of school. 

They all sat together outside in the beautiful weather. 

Then some surprise visitors showed up. Abby was a little hesitant especially after an epic meltdown where we had to go outside to cool down. 

She eventually got into it though. 

And of course, getting her face painted by Belle was a highlight of the day. 
For some reason, all the kids wanted a rocket on their face. 

Then they put on the play of Rapunzel. It was adorable. 

A final picture of all the Princesses. 

These ladies were so awesome and put my mind to ease about Disney next week. 

Abby even hugged Belle Good-Bye!!!

*The birthday girl went to Disney in September. I talked to her sweet momma and she told me about how many times she cried (the momma) because her daughter was so excited. I got teary eyed just thinking about it.

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gammydi said...

what an exciting party... this is wonderful and got her ready for your trip...