Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It really is Magic

Posting quick from my phone.... Can't forget this moment!

Abby has been in love w meeting all the princesses and characters.

We watched the Mickey Main Street Parade today.

The final float went by w Ariel, aurora, belle and the one from Princess and the frog.

Abby looked at me and stu and said, " did you see them wave to me? Do you know why?"

We said "why?"

And with every bit of her (almost) four year old self screamed, "Because they are my best friends!!!!"

We both cried a little.

It really was a magical moment and worth all the meltdowns ;)

4 more days of magical moments!


gammydi said...

this is the most precious moment. I had tears too. keep those precious little things coming.... love you

Anonymous said...

Have fun and enjoy your vacation. Life is not about "stuff" but making memories!