Monday, December 17, 2012

Day One - Visting Family

 Our flight Monday morning was at 7 AM, so we did most of our packing the night before.

Abby has flown before, but it was way before she would remember. 

She was thrilled to ride on an airplane. 

 And even more thrilled when she could put the tray down and color.

 Uncle Glenn and Abby playing ball.

Abby hitting the ball and mommy fielding the balls. 

Abby and Jordan playing in the golf cart. 

Although they are second or first-removed cousins, Abby was in love with Jordan. 

Getting a Minnie Bingo game from Uncle Glenn and Aunt Nancy. We played it at least 10 times on our trip. 

 Gram and Grandad got Abby a Cabbage Patch doll named MacKenzie that she immediately renamed Stephanie. 

Stu is the oldest grandchild and Jordan is the youngest. 

Everyone together. Abby looks thrilled. 

 With matching dogs.

Jordan was so much fun and Abby had a blast hanging out. 

We got back to the airport and rode the Magical Express to our hotel. 

We got there about 6 PM and made a quick trip to Downtown Disney. 

Abby wanting her picture taken. 

She loved posing with Mickey and Minnie.

Downtown Disney had a dance party going on. After some coaxing, Abby finally got out there and got her groove on. Of course, 5 minutes later the rain hit. 

Abby loved the Lego store though. They had tons of stations to play and Abby loved them. 

We ate dinner at Bodie's All American Grill. This was our first introduction to Quick Service meals and desserts! 

Back to the hotel at 9 and we were all asleep at 10!


gammydi said...

I am going to love this.. so glad you were able to go... I look forward to day 2 and more.. So glad you visited with my parents. My mom keeps talking about it...

Sue B. said...

So happy you all had a wonderful time!! Abby looked like she had a ball!! It really is a "magical" place!

Looking forward to more has been way too long since I was there.

So nice to see you with all the Christophers'...Abby and Jordan looked so cute together!