Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 2 - Animal Kingdom

 Day 2 was Animal Kingdom.

Abby actually slept in until about 8, so we were not in a rush to get the day started.

The gorgeous Christmas tree out front.

Ready to go in!

Our sweet travel agent sent Abby an autograph book. 

 Abby's first character she got to meet was Pocahontas.

 She was so excited. And those characters do such a great job making the kids feel good.

Then it was on to....Minnie! Abby was literally over the moon and so embarrassed, it was adorable. 

Posing with her favorite person. 

Meeting Chip and Dale, they were copying her silliness. 

 The whole family posing. 

 Animal Kingdom has some great shows. This one was Nemo Under the Sea.

Abby and I crossing the bridge in the Dinoland area. 

Petting the goats. 

 Our favorite show was The Lion King. They actually invited Abby up to do a dance, but she clung to me like a starfish, so that didn't happen! 

 We went on a great tram ride to see the animal. All the crocodiles sunbathing.

The upside down tree. 

The giraffe was really this close to our tram. 

Abby loved the zebras. 

Eating a delicious lunch. 

 Playing games, she didn't win anything, but still had fun.

Digging for bones.

She could have stayed here all day.

 Going down the slide.

While waiting for the parade to start, we got a Mickey Ears ice cream.  It was pure love.

Loving the parade. 

Abby waved at everyone. Minnie, of course, was her favorite. 

These things were pretty awesome. People walked through the parade with these giant animal looking things. 

Our first day of theme parking, Abby was exhausted. 

For dinner, we went to Animal Kingdom Lodge (which is an amazing resort by the way). I hated the food, but Abby loved the pasta and grapes. Doesn't take much to please her! 

Next up...the Magic of Magic Kingdom.


gammydi said...

so much fun.... I love this

gammydi said...

so much fun.... I love this